E-mini_M-END läpivirtausvedenlämmitin hanalla, asennus lavuaarin alle

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Säästää energiaa jopa 85% verrattuna tavanomaisiin käyttövesivaraajiin.
E-mini -vedenlämmitin on taloudellinen. Vesi lämmitetään suoraan, kun se virtaa lämmitysyksikön läpi. Lämmintä vettä ei varastoida säiliöön, mikä poistaa lämpöhävikin muodostumisen kokonaan.

TEKNINEN INFO sisältää tuotevaihtoehdot eri tehokkuuksilla:
FIN: CLAGE_e-Mini_M_END-läpivirtausvedenlämmitin-fi
ENG: CLAGE_e-Mini_MEND-pi-en

Kits for below and above.

The pressureless small instantaneous water heater is supplied as a complete set with a suitable single-lever mixer tap. Cost-effective and quickly installed, the device saves precious standby power at every hand-wash basin.
> Hydraulically controlled small instantaneous water heater with pressureless single-lever washbasin mixer tap for under-sink installation
> The heating capacity is switched on automatically as soon as water flows through the unit
> New flow technology for optimum water jet with economical water consumption
> Effective and maintenance-friendly bare-wire heating system IES® with replaceable heating cartridge
> Simple installation with flexible steel hoses G ⅜” × 50 cm and power cord with plug
> Single lever basin mixer tap with EASY FIX fixing system and pop-up waste (eccentric)
> Dimensions (height × width × depth): 13.5 × 18.6 × 8.7 cm

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  • Measurements:  
    Length 354 mm
    Diameter 65 mm
    Weight, not more than Weight, not more than
    Connection fitting dimensions ½”
    Capacity for distilled water after 10 hours of work, not less than 150 l/h 150 l/h
    Membrane surface 0.15 m2
    Pore working size 0.07–0.2 µm
    Membrane selectiveness when cleaning water:  
    Petroleum products (oils) 97–99% *
    Iron (3+) 90–99% *
    Heavy metals (Hg, Pb, and others) 50–95% *
    Bacteria 99–99.9%
    Chlorine, free and dissolved 95–99% **
    Exploitation characteristics:  
    Water temperature 10–50 С
    Working pressure in the unit 0.2–0.5 MPa
    Weight 2.5 kg

    Ilman asennusta, LVI-asentaja 195,00 €

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