E-mini_MBX läpivirtausvedenlämmitin suihkulla

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Läpivirtausvedenlämmitin suihkulla.
CLAGE säästää energiaa jopa 85% verrattuna tavanomaisiin käyttövesivaraajiin.
E-mini -vedenlämmitin on taloudellinen. Vesi lämmitetään suoraan, kun se virtaa lämmitysyksikön läpi. Lämmintä vettä ei varastoida säiliöön, mikä poistaa lämpöhävikin muodostumisen kokonaan.

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Clever solution for warm showers

The small instantaneous electric water heater with shower mixer and shower set is a smart solution for hot showers if only a single-phase power connection (MBX 7 Shower: two-phase power connection) is available. With economical comfort requirements, e.g. in garden houses, attic or basement conversions or at the swimming pool, this instantaneous water heater complete with wall rail and shower fitting is a practical solution.

> Electronically controlled instantaneous water heater (oversink unit) in mini format as shower system with wall bar and tap
> The heating output is automatically regulated by the electronics. This ensures perfect hot water temperature, mixing with cold water is no longer necessary.
> Efficient flow technology for optimum water jet with economical water consumption
> IES® bare-wire heating system with replaceable heating cartridge ensures longer service life, less calcification and is efficient and easy to maintain
> mains cable, length: ≤ 65 cm
> Can also be used with a tablet or smartphone (from iOS 9 * / Android-OS 4.4) (requires FXE radio adapter, CLAGE Home Server and Smart Control app)
> Dimensions (height × width × depth): 13.5 × 18.6 × 8.7 cm

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